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A Group for Gamers

Tuesday afternoons, 4 pm to 5:30 pm, via Zoom, to maximize accessibility.

A weekly support group for anybody who loves video games. This group is a space to share how video games support us, entertain us, and enrich our lives. There will be opportunities to share how video games connect to who we are, how we feel about ourselves, and how we connect with others. We will talk about how our love of video games impacts the rest of our life: friends, family, work, school, etc. This group will be a resource for supporting us to engage in video games mindfully and intentionally.


This is NOT a support group for video game addiction. If you believe you are struggling with video game addiction you are welcome to join this group and we will probably discuss feelings of addiction to video games often, but this is not specifically an addiction support group.


This is an open drop-in group until July, at which point it will be closed with whoever is in the group at that time. After that, there will be opportunities to join the group only a few times per year. 


Group fees:

$50/session, paid on or before the day of the session


$150 per month, paid on the 1st of the month.


About the facilitator:

Dan (he/him) has been a gamer since the 90s and continues to play regularly. He enjoys RPGs, roguelikes, and couch co-op games. Dan has years of group facilitation experience, including emotional processing groups and psychoeducational groups. He has been in the mental health field since 2009, training other therapists since 2012, and has worked with many individuals, couples, families, and other types of intimate relationships (e.g. polyamory, open relationships, consensual nonmonogamy). He has experience working with trauma, substance misuse, kink, BDSM, anxiety, depression, and more.


Relational Associates 

1001 Wilshire Boulevard 


Los Angeles, CA 90017


contact [at]

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Send us a message to get started, or to get in touch.

Thanks for reaching out!

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