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Ask a Therapist

Free 30-minute consultations! We are here to answer your questions related to mental health.

Ask about different therapy modalities, what is "normal" or "healthy", how to pick a therapist, and more!


Do you ever wish you had access to a therapist to ask them something? Maybe you are interested in therapy, but most of what you know about therapy is based on a really bad experience you or a family member has had in the past. Or maybe everything you know about therapy is based on how it is portrayed in movies and TV shows.

We're excited to answer your questions!

Fill out  the form below to schedule a consultation.

A few important limitations:

#1 . This is not personal psychotherapy. We can't process your experiences and struggles. We can only answer general questions about therapy and mental health.

#2. This free consultation cannot be used on a regular basis as a substitute for ongoing therapy.

We are currently taking new clients!
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Relational Associates 

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Los Angeles, CA 90017


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