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Corporate Offerings

It’s hard to find psychotherapy that is high quality and feels like a good personal match.  Adding in financial constraints, insurance coverage limitations, and session availability, finding a therapist can feel like a part time job. For companies wanting to offer their employees a better option, Relational Associates is here to help.

Dedicated Care Coordinators

We're here for everyone in your organization when you have questions about therapy, want to get started with weekly counseling, have questions about good client-therapist fit, or have any concerns about the therapy services you are receiving. We are not a customer service line or administrators of a technology platform – we personally manage all of the therapists that will provide your services.

Top Quality Care

With us, the therapy is supported by a team of clinicians. It’s like giving your employees a personal care team to review their clinical needs and guide their treatment. No more working with an isolated therapist in private practice that has only themselves to turn to. We know everybody thrives with community and support, and therapists are no exception.

Customized Support

Your employees will work with therapists that we hand pick, with a deep understanding of their skills and expertise. No more searching through massive lists of therapists online trying to guess who would be a good fit. We will talk to each employee that requests counseling to get a sense of what they are needing and match them with a therapist. And if this match shifts and no longer works well, we will reassess and match the employee with a new therapist.

Access to Wellbeing Benefits

We can offer supplemental support that is based on your needs, such as workshops about managing stress and burnout, mindfulness classes, tools for communication and collaboration, or support groups for staff to connect and work on their empathy and resilience.

How it Works

You Sign Up

You’ll pay a base monthly subscription fee to get started.

Your Employees Get Therapy

Employees request therapy directly with Relational Associates, and we'll do a quick assessment before matching them with a therapist.

You Split the Cost

You and your employee split the cost of each individual therapy session.  They'll pay at the time of each session; you'll be invoiced at the end of the month.

Therapy is confidential.

No information about who contacts us or who receives services will be shared with the organization.

Relational Associates 

1001 Wilshire Boulevard 


Los Angeles, CA 90017


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Send us a message to get started, or to get in touch.

Thanks for reaching out!

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