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Therapy Services

Our approach is trauma responsive, holistic, somatic, and (obviously) relational.

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With a deep understanding of the sociopolitical contextual factors that impact our lives, we support teens and adults to heal, connect, and build sustainable wellbeing.

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Support Groups

We offer support groups to empower folks to make connections, give and receive empathy, and build community.

Click here to learn more about our groups, such as The Therapist Lounge and our Gamer Group.

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We support a variety of relationship and intimate partnership styles and structures, including those grounded in monogamy and consensual non-monogamy/polyamory, such as couples, throuples, quads, polycules, friend groups, families, and families of choice.

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Corporate Wellbeing

We support organizations striving for their collective wellbeing by offering uniquely tailored care packages,  including mental health workshops,  individual and group support, and psychological coaching.

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We combine our extensive experience in corporate for-profit companies and community non-profit organizations with our clinical skill set to create a healing space uniquely suited to support the challenges and isolation of high-level leadership roles.


Ask a Therapist

Free consultations! We are here to answer your questions related to mental health. Ask about different therapy modalities, what is "normal" or "healthy", how to pick a therapist, and more!

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We are currently taking new clients!
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Relational Associates 

1001 Wilshire Boulevard 


Los Angeles, CA 90017


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