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Welcome to Relational Associates

About Relational Associates

Relational Associates is a small psychotherapy corporation in Los Angeles, CA founded by Daniel Fink and Meredith Siller. We started this company together because of a shared desire to live our values, both personally and professionally. Just as we tell our clients, we all need relationships, support, and community. We find that the services we provide our clients are enriched by the combination of our different professional backgrounds and the inclusion of both of our unique clinical perspectives.


We don’t believe that therapists can ever be blank slates. Everything from our lived experiences, to the bodies we are born into, to the clothing we wear, shape how we make meaning of the world and how the world (and our clients) make meaning of us. Instead, we choose to step into who we are, and be transparent about the values that guide our personal and professional lives. At Relational Associates, we strive to create a world with more empathy, connection through inclusion, and deeper more sustainable community.

Our Founders

Relational Associates 

1001 Wilshire Boulevard 


Los Angeles, CA 90017


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