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The Therapist Lounge

A weekly support group for licensed and pre-licensed therapists. Together, let’s build community, avoid the isolation of private practice, manage stress and burnout, grow and shape our identities as therapists, and feel supported during these turbulent times. We will hold space for emotional processing, sharing skills and resources, and supporting clinical practice.

We are planning on meeting Thursday afternoons via zoom to maximize accessibility. This is a closed group that will allow new members to join only a few times each year. We want to build connections and safety with members, so it feels important to minimize the frequency of changes to the group.

Closed group, Thursdays 1-3pm via zoom

Facilitated by Dan and Meredith

Starting 6/6/2024


$300 per month for licensed therapists

$200 per month for pre-licensed therapists (e.g. AMFTs, ASWs, APCCs, etc.)

*** $50 per month discount for 2024 if you join by June 6 ***

This is a psychotherapy group and open only to California residents.

If you're interested, please reach out through our contact form, or email us at

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Relational Associates 

1001 Wilshire Boulevard 


Los Angeles, CA 90017


contact [at]

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Send us a message to get started, or to get in touch.

Thanks for reaching out!

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